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To going along with fluctuating customer prerequisites and ensure allegiance, retailers need an effective retail analytics system for targeted interactions, deeper customers insight, personalization, and enhanced customer services. Our smart POS software can quickly combine all significant customer information and benefit to intensify customer insights, optimize multichannel performance, enhance engagement, and advance marketing effectiveness with social presence.


SMART RETAIL POS offers a combination of general purpose and specialized modules to manage any business scenario


Advance your procurement activities in a highly visible, customer focused environment with our smart POS software. Designed with excellence, our software track and maintain all procurement exchanges with an intuitive user interface as well as establish a border situational awareness with greater process efficiency.

Store Transactions

Maintaining transactions records of a store or all of your stores is complicated as there are chances of making several blunders. However, our billing software for retail shop provides superior support to execute all types of store transactional activities such as debit/credit card, cash, promotions, mobile payments, etc.


As the best retail software in Pune, our platform has a greater inventory control and effectively provides valuable data on goods selling, sales tracking, exporting item lists, generating stock transfer request, making PO orders, etc.

Hr and Payroll

Every business has its administrative processes which come under the management. Payroll processing is an extra burden for managers and doing it at the right time with proper care is necessary for employee satisfaction. By using our POS software, businesses can compile reports on staffing cost, staff productivity, monitor legislative pay and so on. Thus, it aids in the right administrative decision-making. Our smart retail billing software offers a wide variety of financial accounting features like auto-generation of financial account, sales invoice generation, maintain bank transactions along with other expenditures and assist you with insightful reports for further financial decisions.


With our smart retail, billing software offers, a wide-variety of financial accounting features like auto-generation of financial account, sales invoice generation, maintain bank transactions along with other expenditures and assist you with insightful reports for further financial decisions.


A staff incentive program is a great method to reinforce positive behavior or training. Our retail software shows insightful analysis and reports, assist companies to prepare incentive reports and helps in employee engagement.

Supply Chain Management

Without the right supply chain management, a business can’t complete its operations smoothly. But, our retail POS system has an ability to consolidate data from different branches into a single location and provide an insightful analysis of inventory, sales, and purchase. It helps business in managing costs, controlling expenses and improving their profits.

Logistics Management

Running as distinguished retail software in Pune, our POS system provides a complete solution for the logistics business. Whether you are a logistics service provider or a carrier, our system effectively optimizes daily activities of transportation and warehousing lifecycle, simplifies global functions along with lesser lead variability.

Stock Tracking

The retail business growth relies on the right use of your investment and funds. Our retail POS software allows businesses to audit ongoing stock levels & changes, predefined quantities of reorders and identify the mismatched stock databases.

Customer Loyalty

Loyalty points are the best means of multiplying customers. Our POS software allows users to accumulate points for their purchases and gain increased savings or points as they spend.

Gift Vouchers

Rewarding gift vouchers play a good role in retaining old customers or in making new customers. Our retail shop software facilitates business to generate, sell and market their gift vouchers (online or offline) to customers. This simplifies the customer’s future purchases and increases your product sales figures.

Promotional Schemes

Stunning promotional schemes produce distinct results in the retail business. Our retail software helps business in their promotional activities with a bunch of benefits such as multiple profit level, boost sales, improve walk-in conversion ratio, introduce fresh products with lesser risk, and improve stock turn with lower cost.

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Saying About Us

Mr. Kedar Kasar

KK Travels

We have been working with P A IT for more than 10 years now. Mr. Amit has always been there everytime there was any new requirement or Urgent change in the software. His office staff is also very hard working and very supportive. Wishing him and his team more success in the coming years.


Mr. Sanjay Shewani


P A IT is a company which will customize your requirements as per your needs into their existing Smart Retail software. Their hardware division takes care of all of your day to day issues. I think they are the one of the best to give the Right solution to your retail business.


Mr. Prakash Shingavi

Paridhan Collections

I'm a common person in retail. I do regularly my work as all but at last six years, I meet PAIT Group and life started to change. We take their software & System, Which work our team five to six hours in a day, this work system do in just a minute. And our confidence go high. Our work multiply by 20 times. All team give a good support to us my mind say because of PAIT. Our Unit is No.1 in my area. All updating system is heart of our shop is only ".

Mr. Vineet Ferwani

Hi Fashion

P A IT BIZ Systems has provided me with a one Stop solution as Smart Retail to all my Technology needs required for business excellent after sales service. A 100 percent recommendation from my side.

Mr. Rahul Sir

Peshwai Creations

P A IT,s Smart Retail Software is very user friendly, even my old senior staff can also use it very easily. I am very happy with their service.

Mr. Pramod Jain


Our Total IT taken care by P A IT . We are happy with software and IT Infrastructure Service. We are using this software from 2009 , it is very user friendly with lot of control system

Mr. Rajesh Shewani


Happy with Service and P A IT Smart Retail Software, it met all my special customization needs successfully

Mr. Shewani

Shewani Sarees

Very prompt Sevice. Fully customized Smart Retail Software to my needs. Me and my all staff happy with service of P A IT

Mr. Subhash Jain

Mens Avenue

Good and Easy to use software and good service. Our Total IT taken care by P A IT

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