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Sports Equipment

Sporting goods shops have huge inventories in their stocks and normally process over 1000 of price transactions each and every day. Additionally, staffs constantly need to go to the backside to look at particular sizes of accessories or kits. A situation can become pretty messy if sporting accessory stores don’t organize things rightly. One platform these businesses can put to routine is a sporting commodity POS software.

Sporting accessories store POS software benefit retailers to get their incomes from the sale of sporting accessories and equipment. While many leading sport retail stores and supply chains carry a large kind of stuff for various sporting kinds of stuff, smaller shops may dedicate in one type of sporting type. To contest, leading sporting accessories retailers have to offer the personalized and expert offerings of a merchant and a profound selection types of merchandise. As an outcome, sporting merchants manage various choice of inventory things – from kits to apparel and accessories. Some have used equipment or service elements.

Our Sporting Store POS Software Offers Below Key Qualities

  1. Up-Sell and Recommended Items : Automatic prompting at record based on the sort of stock is been procured – so a buyer purchase a soccer shoe pair advised of selling on shin guards or other related accessories.
  2. Bundles & Kits : It used for grouping or bundling of apparel, equipment, accessories, footwear or other things to be vend as a box at POS (Like golf clubs, footwear and bags into a parcel cost).
  3. Layaways : Gather payments while keeping the piece out of the record.
  4. Bulk and Loose Case / Pack Amount Breakdown : Accept stuff by the box or case and sell independently (beneficial for vending balls by the box).
  5. Multi-Proportion Inventory Network : To easily achieve multipart things such as sports clothes and shoes with size, style, colour and other specifics.
  6. Product Pictures : Employees can check an image of the thing been ring-up at the counter.
  7. Discount Managing : Easily achieve quantity pricing, group markdowns, multi-buy stuff, bulk discounting and promotional valuing.
  8. Payment Module : Permits you to trace the booking of a range of things (such as camping gear and canoes), including rental rates, quotes, due dates, invoicing/ billing, rental records, service exchange and much more.
  9. Sales Expenses : Calculate every item cost based on the number of sales or the overall profit and check commissions by a member to evaluate productivity.
  10. Cost Quotation : Make and print sales value quotes and generate tickets (greater for sales crew).
  11. Serial Number/ Unique ID Tracking : Offers a complete history of every item, received dates, its costs, a customer purchased descriptions, and selling records (beneficial for larger priced sports accessories).
  12. Service Branch Managing : Let you to effectively run a service division – can bill by a job or by an hour as well as bills for service like tennis rackets, cricket kits etc.
  13. Backorders and Special Orders : Enables you to map special order things (such as specialized apparel or gear), from the buyer's orders to inventory level to the POS phase.
  14. Group Discounts and Pricing : Created on customer group or level
  15. Trade-in : Organize trade-in of custom items – can ring up sales, rental things and trade-ins on the similar invoices.
  16. User Outlined Product History Fields : To check team, season, style and supplementary sporting apparel and goods specific details.
  17. Email marketing : Run campaigns by downloading and querying a customer information for business with standard email marketing apps

What People Are

Saying About Us

Mr. Kedar Kasar

KK Travels

We have been working with P A IT for more than 10 years now. Mr. Amit has always been there everytime there was any new requirement or Urgent change in the software. His office staff is also very hard working and very supportive. Wishing him and his team more success in the coming years.


Mr. Sanjay Shewani


P A IT is a company which will customize your requirements as per your needs into their existing Smart Retail software. Their hardware division takes care of all of your day to day issues. I think they are the one of the best to give the Right solution to your retail business.


Mr. Prakash Shingavi

Paridhan Collections

I'm a common person in retail. I do regularly my work as all but at last six years, I meet PAIT Group and life started to change. We take their software & System, Which work our team five to six hours in a day, this work system do in just a minute. And our confidence go high. Our work multiply by 20 times. All team give a good support to us my mind say because of PAIT. Our Unit is No.1 in my area. All updating system is heart of our shop is only ".

Mr. Vineet Ferwani

Hi Fashion

P A IT BIZ Systems has provided me with a one Stop solution as Smart Retail to all my Technology needs required for business excellent after sales service. A 100 percent recommendation from my side.

Mr. Rahul Sir

Peshwai Creations

P A IT,s Smart Retail Software is very user friendly, even my old senior staff can also use it very easily. I am very happy with their service.

Mr. Pramod Jain


Our Total IT taken care by P A IT . We are happy with software and IT Infrastructure Service. We are using this software from 2009 , it is very user friendly with lot of control system

Mr. Rajesh Shewani


Happy with Service and P A IT Smart Retail Software, it met all my special customization needs successfully

Mr. Shewani

Shewani Sarees

Very prompt Sevice. Fully customized Smart Retail Software to my needs. Me and my all staff happy with service of P A IT

Mr. Subhash Jain

Mens Avenue

Good and Easy to use software and good service. Our Total IT taken care by P A IT

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