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Jewellery POS

Nowadays, a jewellery shop’s biggest challenges are maintaining track of very valuable, very small things that are the soul of the shop’s inventory. Reliable jewellery POS software not only outlines that inventory, but it also gives a profusion of data that the shop can utilize for employee management, target marketing, and so on.

Why should your business Choose of our jewellery shop POS?

Effective Inventory Control

A worthy POS system assimilates material about what is waiting in the backside with what is taking out from sales A good jewellery POS software not just show the store owners or managers what is in the stock, but also generates systemized re-order based on an alteration in present inventory.

Our software creates A continuous online and in-store experience as benefiting options by connecting with complementary solutions and integrating with e-commerce sites. Right from inventory management to customer experience and reporting to analytics has designed to power up business at multi-location retailers. Its intuitive design empowers your field retail crew to increase productivities and deliver an incomparable service, each & every time. Only our POS makes it simple to build happy experiences for your jewellery buyers.

Insightful Reports & Analysis

Our jewellery showrooms POS software also comprise excellent reporting element that can help with promotions and marketing. By tracing punchers’ pin codes, the software can scrutinize geographic zones that make constant sales. A special day or any other promotion focused on that particular market area can make large revenue. It provides multi-cash and single-touch drawers, merges cash out to reservoir statements, views cost audits and expenses, and give views ongoing cash flows.

Another turn on this subject is to track a report displaying what individually repeat customer has purchased over the last few years. Grounded on that data, the fashion jewellery stores can make focused e-mail sale brochure or personalized coupons to attract those buyers back to your store.

Employee Tracking & Performance Measurement

Our jewellery business software helps analyze how well sales employees are targeted goals. One manner to motivate staffs is to check their daily, weekly or monthly performance of sales and offer a prize for the best acting leads. Our POS system also makes this effortless by meeting an executive’s login code and name with sales slips.

Easy Tax Managing

Our POS software for jewellery offers essential you tax data such as exclusive & inclusive taxes, individual and multiple tax forms and the other tax fees for particular items. User security and rights: With your security seal, you can confirm that your inside security is even well as different accesses has limited to various consumers along with employees and improved to ensemble your shop requirement.

Smart Retail POS platform creates an easy experience of GST form filling and billing. It also provides a smart option to export or Import XLS files and other files your auditors, accountants and CA.

Smart Retail POS features for Jewellery POS
Thus, are you begun with Smart retail’s POS software in your Jewellery? If not, then try out the POS platform to advance your jewellery store.

What People Are

Saying About Us

Mr. Kedar Kasar

KK Travels

We have been working with P A IT for more than 10 years now. Mr. Amit has always been there everytime there was any new requirement or Urgent change in the software. His office staff is also very hard working and very supportive. Wishing him and his team more success in the coming years.


Mr. Sanjay Shewani


P A IT is a company which will customize your requirements as per your needs into their existing Smart Retail software. Their hardware division takes care of all of your day to day issues. I think they are the one of the best to give the Right solution to your retail business.


Mr. Prakash Shingavi

Paridhan Collections

I'm a common person in retail. I do regularly my work as all but at last six years, I meet PAIT Group and life started to change. We take their software & System, Which work our team five to six hours in a day, this work system do in just a minute. And our confidence go high. Our work multiply by 20 times. All team give a good support to us my mind say because of PAIT. Our Unit is No.1 in my area. All updating system is heart of our shop is only ".

Mr. Vineet Ferwani

Hi Fashion

P A IT BIZ Systems has provided me with a one Stop solution as Smart Retail to all my Technology needs required for business excellent after sales service. A 100 percent recommendation from my side.

Mr. Rahul Sir

Peshwai Creations

P A IT,s Smart Retail Software is very user friendly, even my old senior staff can also use it very easily. I am very happy with their service.

Mr. Pramod Jain


Our Total IT taken care by P A IT . We are happy with software and IT Infrastructure Service. We are using this software from 2009 , it is very user friendly with lot of control system

Mr. Rajesh Shewani


Happy with Service and P A IT Smart Retail Software, it met all my special customization needs successfully

Mr. Shewani

Shewani Sarees

Very prompt Sevice. Fully customized Smart Retail Software to my needs. Me and my all staff happy with service of P A IT

Mr. Subhash Jain

Mens Avenue

Good and Easy to use software and good service. Our Total IT taken care by P A IT

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